Keep Calm and Carry On…with Your Kids

This workshop is for parents who want to stop getting so irritated with their children.  It’s also suitable for parents who struggle to express anger at all or who perhaps feel that they should never get cross or angry with their children.

Would this push your buttons?

Given that we all get irritated with our children on occasion, how can we deal with our anger in a healthy manner?  How can we teach our children to manage their anger effectively?

Many parents try valiantly to pretend they’re not annoyed and then explode in ways they later regret.

Diffusing our ‘anger buttons’ and learning new ways to behave when we’re upset and irritated is not an easy process but it is possible.  And it’s essential if we want to teach our children healthy ways to handle their own anger.

The workshop covers:

  • * the 8 ways we deal with difficult emotions (5 unhealthy, 3 healthy)
  • * psychological models to help understand and manage anger
  • * unpicking the thinking that causes “explosive” moments
  • * self-soothing and self-empathy techniques for use in heated moments
  • * the all-important role of “repair” following rupture to the parent-child relationship


Many parents are secretly unhappy about how they speak to their children when they are angry.  They are also mortified and annoyed about how their children speak to THEM when they are angry!  Many couples are upset and frustrated watching each other over-react to the children they love.

To overcome anger it is necessary for us to talk about it.  This workshop helps parents explore – in a safe and supportive environment – one of the most difficult issues they face.

Finding the courage to do this workshop will bring lasting benefits to you and your family.

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Location: Guildford
Cost: £270
Date: By arrangement

Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm

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