One Day Workshop: Understanding Your Spirited Child

I’m really excited to offer this workshop.  It’s for parents who have a child who just seems to be MORE – more intense, more persistent, more energetic…

My Spirited Daughter

These children need more from their parents if they are to thrive and become the fantastic adults that spirited children are born to be.

Parents of spirited children knows frustration and discouragement like no other parent.  These kids cry out for boundaries and if they don’t get them they can become “dragon children” who take control of the household – and that’s no fun for anyone!

Getting it right with these children feels SO good because spirit is quirky and fun and full of character and keeps us on a fast-track to constant evolution!

  • * Learn about the 9 temperamental traits that are measurable from birth
  • * Discover where your child falls on the continuum – cool, spunky or spirited?
  • * Discover the importance of boundaries for spirited kids and discover more effective ways to handle when they test them
  • * Practice the fine art of being gentle with yourself
  • * Pick up some tips on how to manage the resentment and frustration we inevitably face when dealing with spirit


On this one day workshop you will experience the relief of finally understanding your child.

Join us for a roller-coaster ride through the fascinating world of spirit and go home ready to create more harmony and balance in your family.

Click the “buy now” button below to register your place on the workshop.

Location: Guildford
Cost: £270
Date: By arrangement
Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm

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