Saying Yes to our children

Posted by Samantha on November 19, 2011 in Consistency, Love, Parenting Dilemmas |

It’s ok to say “Yes.” to our children.

Last weekend my children and I were choosing a DVD for a family movie night.  We had narrowed down our choices to four possibilities.  I was unwilling to pay for the most expensive option which happened to be the one they really wanted.  It was three times more expensive than the cheapest option (which I’d selected!) and significantly more than the budget I’d had in mind.  I told them that I was willing to pay for any of the three less expensive options and would be willing to pay half of their first choice.  They could contribute the other half between them from their savings when we got home.  In the face of my boundary, one decided to choose a less expensive option.  The other was putting up a case to get me to pay for all of the favoured DVD.

With some other part of my mind I quickly totted up dinner, chocolate, popcorn, crisps, DVD, sundries, and parking while we were buying all this.  I realised that I was quibbling over a very small percentage of the evening’s cost.  Not to mention the message I was sending about depriving yourself of what you really want for the sake of a few pounds.

I decided to say Yes instead.

It’s ok to say Yes, even when you’ve been saying No for a while.

It’s ok to say Yes, even when your parents would have said No.

It’s ok to say Yes, even when your partner’s parents would have said No.

It’s ok to say Yes, even when your neighbours would say No.

Sometimes it’s ok to say Yes, simply because you love your children and you want to say Yes to them.


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