Positive Praise Phrase No 4

“Now that’s what I call….”

In week one of the parenting course I facilitate we talk about the difference between “praise for doing” and “praise for being”.

Praise for doing lets a child know that you have noticed and appreciate what they are doing.  If you acknowledge a child in this way, they are likely to do more of whatever you’ve praised!

Praise for being tells someone that we appreciate them simply for being who they are.  It’s recognition of their personality or unique qualities.  This kind of acknowledgment is not necessarily connected with something a child has just done.

You can use this month’s positive praise phrase for both types of praise.

“Now that’s what I call a tidy room” is a much more effective way of praising a child who has just tidied up their bedroom than “Well done for tidying your room”.

“Now that’s what I call organised” uses the tidy bedroom as an opportunity to acknowledge an aspect of the child’s character: namely being organised.  And this phrase (“Now that’s what I call organised”)  is more helpful for your child’s self-esteem than “You’re so organised” because it’s descriptive rather than evaluative.

Many parents give plenty of praise for doing and overlook praise for being.  In an ideal world children with hear both.

“Now that’s what I call….” will help you give your child a boost with praise for doing and being.



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