Positive Praise Phrase No 1

Positive Praise Phrase No 1

“That’s what I like to see.”

The key to descriptive rather than evaluative praise is to describe what you like or what you see rather than evaluate your child’s behaviour or performance.

Positive – or descriptive – praise, contributes to a child’s sense of themselves as a competent human-being.  In other words, it helps children to develop real, lasting self-referenced self-esteem.

Descriptive praise can also be used to transmit your values, remind children of your expectations and reinforce the behaviour you want to see more of!  All in all it’s an essential positive parenting tool.

And once you’ve practiced it for a bit it will stop feeling like a technique at all and just become part of your vocabulary.

Next time you’re about to say “Well done!” or “Good boy!” see if you can stop yourself and say “That’s what I like to see!” instead.

You can write this phrase up on a post-it note or even an A4 sheet and stick it somewhere visible like the kitchen.

Every time you see the phrase, you will read it and the pathway in your brain that now knows this phrase will strengthen.  Then you will be much more likely to use it when you have the chance.

And rather than hearing yet another evaluation of their behaviour, your children will really benefit this type of appreciative acknowledgment.  And then your whole family wins!


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