Parenting Articles

How to Stop Tantrums.

Tantrums are a very normal way for a young child to express intense upset and frustration. They are not deliberate or manipulative.  Even much older children can engage in tantrums or tantrum-like behaviour if they haven’t learnt other more effective ways of getting their needs met….

How to Stop Power Struggles.

The power struggle is the natural successor to the temper tantrum.  If you’ve left tantrums behind and life now feels more like an endless battle, then you can actually congratulate yourself.  You’ve taught your child a more reasonable way to deal with not getting their own way: negotiation….

How to Transform Bad Behaviour with Empathy.

One of our most fundamental human needs is the need to be understood.  Children’s desire to be understood by their parents cannot be overstated.  One of teenagers most common complaints is that their parents just don’t understand them….

How to Transform Bad Behaviour with Praise.

If a child is behaving badly and their behavioural problems are getting worse over time, then it is almost certain that the child will be on the receiving end of a lot more criticism than praise….

Holiday Parenting Tips.

It’s a tough time of year. I used to have this fantasy of Christmas with log fires, lots of rest, fun and laughter and of course impeccably behaved children….


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