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Learn How to Deal with Tantrums – Today

3 step process MP3 Audio Download (listen to it on your computer, on your i-pod, cut it onto a CD for your car…) – over 60 minutes of valuable insights and practical suggestions on how to deal with tantrums, only £2.99 (UK) / $3.99 (US)

“The Stop Tantrums download is brilliant, we are perfect candidates for such support!  I really like the approachable style”

Traci, Mother of 2, Calgary (Canada)

Introduction • Why did I produce this download? • How does it work – the science bit… • How Quickly will it work? • What does the download contain?

Tantrum (noun) “a violent demonstration of rage or frustration; a sudden burst of ill temper”

Childrens temper tantrums are widespread and normal.  Every single parent I know has faced a child throwing a tantrum at some stage.  And they have all wondered about how to deal with tantrums so that they blow over.  Or better yet, go away and never come back!

My name is Dr Samantha O’Reilly and I am a mother to two young children with a PhD in psychology.

Through trial and error with my own children, and reading and studying a wealth of psychological literature, I have come to realise that there is a simple (if not easy!) three-step process that can reduce the intensity, regularity and aftermath of tantrums in children.

Try this, it will reduce your childrens’ temper tantrums.

Why I had to produce this download…

I knew before I had children that parenthood was going to be wonderful and rewarding and also that it was going to be a real challenge. But I didn’t know that it was going to be the toughest thing I’d ever done.

I was totally unprepared for how exhausting it would be. I hadn’t realised that I could be so overwhelmed by two small people that at times I would feel like crying. I was shocked to discover that my children could have such MASSIVE reactions to such tiny things. And that I would be at such a loss to know how to deal with them!

I was, in short, demoralised and confused. And it was affecting my relationship with my husband too.

But I was determined to succeed as a parent.

So I kept on reading and trying out the things I read about.  And gradually the balance shifted. Today I am genuinely happy in my role as a mother.

I find the job far more rewarding than challenging.  My children are noticeably happier and more co-operative.

And my relationship with my husband is dramatically better too!

“Intimate, calming and authoratative”

Vivienne, Mother of 2, London (England)

How does it work? The Science of Tantrums in Children…

Before we look at the three-step method for reducing childrens’ temper tantrums, we’ll look at the psychology of tantrums in children – beginning with a quick exploration of some current beliefs about tantrums and children (i.e. that they are manipulative), how that came about, and how it really doesn’t help us in the real world of our own children.

We’ll hear about modeling, reinforcement, feelings, and other relevant psychological stuff (!) before we delve into the three-step process itself – the three steps of Detachment, Empathy and Boundaries.

How quickly will it work?

Very quickly indeed. You will probably see a marked difference in your child’s tantrum the first time you try this.   And within a month your household will be transformed.

I am so sure of this, that I am happy to offer more than just a 100% money-back guarantee. Have a look at the More Than 100% Money-Back Guarantee for more details.

I believe you will be astounded by how well the method works, and how quickly you will have a happy and harmonious home.

What does the tantrum download contain?

On this audio download you’ll find over 60 minutes of audio – including:

  • • Background information on tantrums in children (crucial to change our mindset and get rid of tantrums)
  • • Stories of how it used to be in my family
  • • Details of the three-step method for dealing with tantrums:
    • • Detachment
    • • Empathy
    • • Boundaries
  • • Lots of examples and practical suggestions on how to make it all work

Happy with all you have read?

Then please click the “Buy Now” button below to go to add this Audio Download to your shopping cart in our secure purchasing area prior to downloading the 3 step process MP3 Audio Download (again – you can listen to it on your computer, on your i-pod, cut it onto a CD for your car…) – over 60 minutes of valuable insights and suggestions, only £2.99 (UK) / $3.99 (US)

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Thank you,

Samantha O’Reilly, PhD


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