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Stop the Power Struggles and Help Your Defiant Child – Now!

5 Key Parenting Tools MP3 Audio Download (listen to it on your computer, on your i-pod, cut it onto a CD for your car…) – over 50 minutes of valuable insights and practical suggestions for dealing with a resistant or defiant child, only £2.99 (UK) / $3.99 (US)

Introduction • Why did I produce this download? • How does it work – the science behind the defiant child… • How quickly will it work? • What does the download contain?

Many commonly used parenting methods actually create power struggles, resistance, defiance and resentment.  And they rob parents and children of the joy that can be found in harmonious family life.

My name is Dr Samantha O’Reilly and I am a mother to two young children with a PhD in psychology.

I want to share with you 5 simple yet effective parenting tools that will really help you to stop engaging in power struggles and really encourage your defiant child to cooperate with you.

Try these tools, they will transform your defiant child’s behaviour.

Why did I produce this download?

The power struggle is the natural successor to the temper tantrum.  Parents I knew began to ask me how I handled power struggles.  I realised that I rarely had to deal with them because I regularly used a number of key skills which meant that negotiations over major and minor details were kept to a minimum in our house.  I’d learned how to enlist my children’s cooperation and I knew how to minimise their resistance and generally eliminate open defiance.  I knew I had to share these valuable parenting tools.

How does it work? The Science Behind the Defiant Child…

Before we look at the five parenting tools for engaging cooperation, we’ll look at the psychology of the power struggle.  We’ll hear about the human drive for autonomy, how insistence creates resistance and a defiant child, and the importance of letting go of the need to control.  We’ll look at 10 common unhelpful parenting techniques and explore why they don’t work.  We’ll also discover what the new Supernanny-style methods really teach our children.  Finally, we’ll discuss in detail the five parenting tools that build a respectful relationship between parent and child eliminating the child’s need to become defiant: Be Brief, Describe the Problem, Give Information, Talk about your Feelings and Write a Note.

How quickly will it work?

Very quickly. You will see a marked difference in defiant behaviour within days, and if you stick with it and keep practicing your household will be transformed inside a month.

I am so sure of this, that I am happy to offer more than just a 100% money-back guarantee. Have a look at the More Than 100% Money-Back Guarantee for more details.

I believe you will be astounded by how well these tools work, and how quickly you will have a happy and harmonious home.

What does the download contain?

On this audio download you’ll find over 50 minutes of audio – including:

  • • Psychological information to help you understand your defiant child and power struggles
  • • 10 unhelpful parenting methods that foster resistance, defiance, resentment and power struggles
  • • Five parenting tools to engage children’s cooperation:
  • • Be Brief
  • • Describe the Problem
  • • Give Information
  • • Talk about your Feelings
  • • Write a Note
  • • Lots of examples and suggestions about how to change your language to engage cooperation and end power struggles

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