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Learn how Praising Children the Right Way can Transform Their Behaviour!

12 Steps to Effective Praise for Children MP3 Audio Download (listen to it on your computer, on your i-pod, cut it onto a CD for your car…) – 40 minutes of valuable insights on the benefits of helpful praise and practical suggestions on how to praise children, only £2.99 (UK) / $3.99 (US)


Introduction • How does it work – the psychology of praise for children… • How quickly will it work? • What does the download contain

Children need a lot of praise and encouragement.  But not all praise is encouraging.  If you know how to praise children effectively, it can meet a lot of needs your children have and really encourage them to do their best.

My name is Dr Samantha O’Reilly and I am a psychologist and a mother to two young children.

I want to share with you 12 simple steps to make sure that when you praise your child it has the result you intend: a happier, more confident, cooperative child.

Give it a try.  I promise this will transform your family.

How does it work?  The psychology of praise for children…

We’ve been told to praise our children as much as possible, right?  But does praise really boost children’s self-esteem?  In this audio I explain how the kind of praise children usually get doesn’t have the effect that parents intend and can even backfire if children are praised too much.

Then I talk you through 12 steps to giving your child effective praise that really meets their psychological needs.  I also describe three very common praise pitfalls and why it’s best to avoid them.

Finally, I explain the difference between praise for being and praise for doing and discuss why both are essential to building a child’s self-esteem.

How quickly will it work?

Very quickly. You will see a marked difference in days, and if you stick with it and keep practising this type of effective praise your household will be transformed inside a month.

I am so sure of this, that I am happy to offer more than just a 100% money-back guarantee. Have a look at the More Than 100% Money-Back Guarantee for more details.

I believe you will be astounded by how well descriptive praise works to encourage children, and how quickly you will have a happy and harmonious home.

What does the download contain?

On this audio download you’ll find 40 minutes of audio – including:

  • • The needs children have that praise meets
  • • Evaluative praise and why it doesn’t work
  • • How to praise children? 12 steps to effective praise:
  • • Give your child all your attention • Move in close • Make eye contact •
  • • Touch your child gently • Share your child’s pleasure • Use praising gestures •
  • • Be specific • Describe how you feel • Ask questions about what they’ve done •
  • • Ask what your child thinks • Be sincere • Encourage your child to praise themselves •
  • • 3 common praise pitfalls
  • • Praise for ‘doing’ and praise for ‘being’
  • • Lots of examples and suggestions about how to change your language so that you transform your family with the power of praise

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Samantha O’Reilly, PhD


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