Does your child know how much you love them?

Posted by Samantha on January 23, 2012 in Criticism, Disapproval, Love

I don’t agree with everything in Ross Campbell’s 1977 classic, How to Really Love Your Child, but I do admire that he is brave enough to put in print what many psychologists and psychiartrists, therapists and counsellors can recognise but don’t usually put into such clear words: There are times when your child does not […]

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Is disapproving of our kids ok?

Posted by Samantha on November 17, 2011 in Boundaries, Change, Disapproval, Discipline, Mistakes

In the past week I’ve really noticed how much disapproval is expressed in our world. Yesterday I overheard someone complaining and disapproving because a car had stopped to let a passenger out in an inappropriate spot.  A second person, to whom the passenger apologised as they got their bags together, graciously said “It’s ok, you’re […]


Scolding and lecturing don’t work

Posted by Samantha on October 13, 2011 in Change, Disapproval, Discipline, Punishment

Parents deceive themselves when they think they are getting through to kids when they scold, lecture, humiliate and punish. Jane Nelson, Riki Intner & Lynn Lott I write as a parent who scolded, lectured, humiliated and punished despite being on the receiving end of those as a child and vowing I wouldn’t do it to […]

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