Co-sleeping or independent sleeping..?

Posted by Samantha on March 12, 2012 in Bedtime & Sleeping, Trust

There are some issues that seem to polarise parents quite effectively.  Sleeping habits for young children is one of those. Some parents advocate letting you child sleep in your bed from birth and having them there for years.  Some parents are more protective of their own sleep and believe their children need to learn to […]

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Getting kids to sleep through the night

Posted by Samantha on March 7, 2012 in Bedtime & Sleeping, Parenting Dilemmas, Trust

I’ve just read an article titled “Our little girl is making the whole family suffer” on the supernanny.co.uk website.  It’s about getting a 4-year old to sleep through the night.  I feel almost heartbroken that parents are being given such incomplete and unintuitive advice. Let’s take the title of the article: Our little girl is […]

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Helping a child get to sleep

Posted by Samantha on March 6, 2012 in Bedtime & Sleeping, Love, Parenting Dilemmas

The BeyondSupernanny approach to sleep problems doesn’t begin at bedtime.  It begins the moment you wake. If you want your child to separate from you peacefully and slip off to sleep happily later tonight, then make sure you strengthen your connection with them today. Set your intention for the day: Today I take every opportunity […]

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My baby won’t sleep through!

Posted by Samantha on November 29, 2011 in Bedtime & Sleeping, Expectations, Parenting Dilemmas, Worry

One issue that parents nowadays persistently worry about is sleeping. I think there are many reasons why we worry and fret about our babies’ and children’s sleeping patterns. For starters, in the early stages of our baby’s life we’re often sleep deprived.  It’s not easy to live our modern-day lifestyles on insufficient sleep.  We can […]


Should children ever sleep in their parents bed?

Posted by Samantha on September 2, 2011 in Bedtime & Sleeping, Parenting Dilemmas

There are a couple of modern parenting habits I’d love to see changed.  One of them is this insistence we have on putting upset children to sleep in their own beds, away from any sense and hope of comfort. I’d love to see parents get back in touch with their intuition around this issue. Let’s […]

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