A photo of me taken by my son, Flynn (aged 3 1/2)

My goal is to help parents create the kind of family they really want – where every child (and adult!) is cherished. Helping parents and children to enjoy life together is a passion of mine. Family life is more enjoyable when the members of a family learn to communicate in ways that foster respect and cooperation and that reflect their deep love for one another.

My approach to parenting is based on psychological, biological and neurological knowledge of how children and adults learn and what truly motivates us. It is informed (but not limited) by principles of behaviourism, non-violent communication, neurolinguistic programming, attachment, positive and grace-based parenting.

I trained as a psychologist, getting my BA in psychology from University College Dublin before going on to complete a PhD in clinical psychology at the University of St Andrews and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. After completing my training I joined the faculty at St Andrews (first in the School of Psychology and later the Bute Medical School).

I also hold a diploma in counselling and psychotherapy and am a qualified Family Links Parent Group Leader (http://www.surreyfamilylinks.org.uk).

Finally, I am a mother. Nothing quite beats firsthand experience for this job. All the books in the world have not managed to teach me as much as my two children have about being a parent.

Because I am a parent I can tell you about how various parenting techniques actually worked with my own children. And how it felt for me as a mother to use techniques like the naughty step.

Two of the UK’s most prominent child experts have no children. And though I don’t believe it’s necessary to have children to know a great deal about them, the sound of your own child’s crying has an effect on you that only another parent can really understand.

And so here I am, just sharing my experience as a psychologist and a Mom.  I hope you find it helpful.


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