10 week parenting course in West Surrey UK


The Family Links Nurturing Program: The Parenting Puzzle is a 10 week course that encourages parents to enjoy bringing up their children and get the best out of family life.


The course offers positive, practical ways of guiding children so they learn to handle both their feelings and their behaviour.
It improves parents’ confidence and skills, encouraging them to maintain effective positive discipline while understanding their own and their children’s emotional needs.
The course is informal, fun and a great confidence booster.

“I have learnt so many invaluable things throughout your course – I feel more confident in myself as a parent now and we are starting to enjoy ourselves as a family once again….I shall miss Friday mornings though!”






Samantha’s next private Parent Puzzle Course will run in the next academic year. The start date will follow.


Places will be limited to a maximum of 10 so to reserve your place with a £20 reservation fee click here or to simply pay for the course in full (£200) click here


Course content:

  • Week 1 introduces the four concepts and looks at how to give praise.
  • Week 2 focuses on discipline. You will look at how to guide children appropriately, boundaries, and how to calm children down.
  • Week 3 aims to improve the use of family rules and the use of rewards and penalties in enforcing them.
  • Week 4 introduces and develops parents’ personal power and self-esteem. This is followed by looking at the uses and drawbacks of giving choices and consequences with children.
  • Week 5 focuses on emotions and dealing with them and advice on improving your communication skills.
  • Week 6 looks at the use of physical touch in families and the importance of looking after yourself.
  • Week 7 covers children’s developmental stages. It also looks at types of parenting, stressful events, the negative outcomes of labeling.
  • Week 8 looks at various issues around sex. It looks at how children learn about it, the questions posed by children and parents and how to help children to remain safe.
  • Week 9 shows which behaviours should be ignored. It also looks at problem-solving, negotiating with children and ideas for nurturing children.
  • Week 10 completes the course by reviewing what you have learnt, how it has changed the way you behave and how to continue using what you have learnt.


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