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Thank you very much for your advice on how we should proceed to help us be better parents, and overall, to have a better family; which is very important for us.  Everything you have said makes sense and we’ll apply ourselves to carry it out with love and patience. 
Elba and Laureano, Texas, parents of 2 boys


Parenting nowadays is difficult. And as ever, the stakes are high. We want the best for our children but we face challenges that didn’t exist before. The parenting landscape has changed and that can leave us very unsure about what to do.

It can help to work things through with someone you trust.

How can you know that the advice you read on the internet is right for you and your child? What if you think the advice sounds too harsh?  Or too lenient? What if you think you won’t be able to follow through on the suggestions?

I invite you to read about me and some of my blog entries to get a feel for whether my approach resonates with you. If it does, then please email me and we can work together to help you move forward with your child.


Face to Face Sessions are held at my private practice in Guildford, Surrey

Sessions – £100 per hour


Email Support Package – £180


Emailing back and forth with me about your specific concerns and questions can be very reassuring and give you the confidence you need to deal with your problem.  Maybe you’ll find out that it’s really not the problem you thought it was! How reassuring is that?

This fee covers four emails back and forth (i.e. we begin with one email and one reply and we can go back and forth like this 3 more times building on the issues and linking the threads).

In each email you can ask questions about the same issue or you can ask about a different issue in each email.  It’s up to you.  Either way, you will get plenty of background psychological information, uncover strategies for change, learn how to implement tools and techniques and generally grow in confidence in your parenting.
I look forward to hearing from you.



Email Support - £50


Wow, loads of good stuff…. will read and digest a bit more…. Thanks… Viv, UK

Have your specific questions answered by email.

Although the internet is full of free information on child development and child rearing issues, many parents prefer to have a private email conversation with a professional about their child and family’s specific issues.

Email support from BeyondSuperanny is encouraging and supportive and opens up new possibilites by offering a psychological perspective that goes beyond the limitations of a purely behaviourist approach.

You can ask about any parenting issue such as Separation Anxiety, Difficulty Sharing, Sibling Rivalry, Defiant and Resistant Behaviour, Eating Issues, School and Bedtime routines and many other parenting challenges.



Telephone Support Package – £180

Some people prefer to address their concerns in a phone call.  This fee covers two hours talking with Dr O’Reilly Duggan.  You choose if you prefer two 1hr sessions, 4 1/2 hr sessions or one 1 hr session to begin with followed by 2 1/2 hr follow ups.

On each session you decide which particular issues or concerns you would like to address.  You will learn about child development, uncover strategies for change, figure out how to implement tools and techniques, monitor your progress and generally feel encouraged. Sessions usually occur once a week but you set the pace.



Telephone Support – £100

Thanks for your time yesterday, your calm wisdom always has a positive effect on me! Now I just have to find a way to maintain it.  Anita, UK

A telephone session with Dr O’Reilly Duggan lasts 60 minutes.

Discuss a particular issue or aspect of an issue such as Separation Anxiety, Difficulty Sharing, Sibling Rivalry, Defiant and Resistant Behaviour, Eating Issues, School and Bedtime routines and many other parenting challenges.


Sessions are also available face to face if you prefer and are close enough to my private practice in Guildford, Surrey


Face-to-Face sessions – £100 per hour


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